Larry Kraft

SLP City Council

At Large A

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Why I'm running

I am running for City Council because I see a tremendous opportunity: a way to re-think how our city works, and make it healthier, happier and more equitable. That opportunity is our new Climate Action Plan, which provides a broad overview for how we address climate change.  What needs to be filled in next is the detail behind it, which affects virtually every city policy -- from transit to affordable housing to economic development. Through my work with young people across the U.S., I’ve had exposure to hundreds of city governments, and I’m excited to bring the best of what I’ve seen to St. Louis Park.


We can implement best-in-class policy to make life better for residents, and at the same time, tackle climate change at the local level. Local action matters: many communities are already looking to St. Louis Park as a leader in this area, and we can have a tremendous impact by serving as a model for other communities. We can also make a difference where it matters most -- creating a better and more sustainable future for our children and grandchildren.  


What I plan to bring to City Council is years of high-tech business experience, holding leadership positions in a variety of organizations, from startups to large public companies. For the last five years, I’ve been working with young people, leading the national non-profit iMatter that supports high school and middle school youth leaders as they press local governments to take action on climate change. Some of the most rewarding work I’ve done with iMatter has been right here in St. Louis Park, mentoring the amazing group of students from the High School that pushed the City Council to adopt our Climate Action Plan.


And as a longtime resident of SLP and parent of two children, who were born here and now go to the SLP High School and Middle School, I’m invested in working for positive outcomes for everyone. I want to continue to celebrate the diversity that helps make St. Louis Park such a vibrant community. I appreciate the discussions I’ve already had with some of you, about the importance of issues like neighborhood traffic, public safety, nature preservation and more -- and I look forward to continuing the conversation!


Jayne Stevenson - SLP High School Class of 2017, Stanford University

"Larry devotes time and energy into not just an issue, but people — because at the core of climate change, and any issue our city faces, is people.  Larry’s passion, integrity, and thoughtfulness continue to inspire me, and I know he will be a great asset to our city."

Rob Metz - Former St. Louis Park School Superintendent

"I observed Larry over a period of years as he quietly, humbly, and collaboratively volunteered his time to educate and support St. Louis Park’s young people.  I found Larry’s dedication to his community to be genuine in every respect and I was impressed by how he empowered others to make a positive difference in the world."