I'm especially proud of the endorsements of the young people I've supported:

Jayne Stevenson - SLP High School Class of 2017, Stanford University

"Larry devotes time and energy into not just an issue, but people — because at the core of climate change, and any issue our city faces, is people.  Larry’s passion, integrity, and thoughtfulness continue to inspire me, and I know he will be a great asset to our city."

Sophia Skinner - SLP High School Class of 2017, St Olaf College

"Larry is one of the kindest and most inspiring leaders I have known. Throughout high school and college I was able to work with Larry on projects aimed at creating greater sustainability on a local level. During this time, I came to know Larry as a deeply considerate individual with the drive to make significant positive change a reality. I feel exceptionally proud to call Larry a mentor and know his well-rounded approach to leadership will be a strength on the SLP city council."

Owen Geier - SLP High School Class of 2017, Univ of MN

I met Larry as a high school student when he came to our Roots & Shoots environmental club meeting one morning. Simply put, Larry showed me the power that I didn’t even know I had as a young adult to create change in my local government. Larry has an unparalleled dedication and passion for what he does, and it will show in his actions as a city council member.

Lukas Wrede - SLP High School Class of 2018

"Larry puts his heart and soul towards achieving goals in a way that shatters boundaries and social norms, creating change when we need it. When my high school classmates and I wanted to make a change, he empowered us and gave us a voice we didn’t know we had. As a city council member, he’ll be a representative for all members of the community, tearing apart social disparities and uniting the community with the vision of a sustainable future for everyone."

Katie Christiansen - SLP High School Class of 2019

"Larry made me feel that hearing my ideas were a priority because of the stake young people have in climate action... His election to St. Louis Park City Council would have the same effect on St. Louis Park, empowering residents and making them feel they have a place in important conversations."

Zoe Frank - SLP High School Class of 2021

"Through working with Larry in Roots and Shoots and the Environment and Sustainability Commission, I have known him to be nothing less than incredibly dedicated. His zeal is contagious, and inspires a natural enthusiasms in others toward working to achieve a common goal of well being and sustainability."

Gabe Kaplan - SLP High School Class of 2021

"Larry is among the most passionate, dedicated individuals I have ever met. Over the past year, I have been lucky enough to work with him in several youth environmental groups—such as MN Can’t Wait, iMatter, and St. Louis Park Roots and Shoots—and see first hand the amount of time and energy he pours into all of his endeavors. Just like the youth he has mentored, St. Louis Park will be lucky to have Larry."


Rob Metz - Former St. Louis Park School Superintendent

“I observed Larry over a period of years as he quietly, humbly, and collaboratively volunteered his time to educate and support St. Louis Park’s young people.  I found Larry’s dedication to his community to be genuine in every respect and I was impressed by how he empowered others to make a positive difference in the world.”

Abdibashir Ali - Environment & Sustainability Commission

Nicole Ciulla - Environment & Sustainability Commission

Stefan Collinet, MD - Environment & Sustainability Commission, Vice-Chair

Ryan Griffin - Environment & Sustainability Commission, Former Chair

Claire Lukens - Environment & Sustainability Commission, Chair

Shaina Newman - Environment & Sustainability Commission

Betsy Baker - Former Chair DFL Senate District 46

Bruce Richardson - Former St. Louis Park School Board member

Jerry Timian - Former St. Louis Park School Board member

Marty Agather

Maxine Agather

Rob Anderson

Stacy Atlas

Betsy Baker

Hope Balcos

Kim Bartels

Melanie Beckman

Becky Beerling

Steve Bonoff

Ben Carpenter

Molly Carpenter

Elder Carson

Zachary Cherne

Danae Curtis

Susan Czapiewski

John Dawson

Melanie Dawson

Jennie Edstrom

Mary Erickson

Jen Exsted

Kyle Exsted

Matthew Flory

Becky Gibson

Allison Halley

Mark Halley

Catherine Ahlin-Halverson

Mark Halverson

Tia Hartzell

Mike Hindin

Maura Howard

Steve Howard

Shanon Kapeluck

Raleigh Kent

Leah Lamon

Aaron Leisen

Paul Lohman

Lena LoPesio

Rachel Mollick

Alana Moran

Matt Moran - President, St. Louis Park Little League

Patti McDaniel

Reid McDaniel

Patty O'Keefe

Brian Ortale

Becky Phelan

Naomi Rockler

Susan Schneck

Michael Schwartz

Brian Shekleton

Maggie Stevenson

Nancy Thomas

Sylvia Timian

Shawn Whelan

Erik Wrede

Maria Reyes Wrede